How can the Alexander Technique help you?

mother and childThe Alexander Technique is a form of education that has many benefits, some of which are therapeutic. These benefits occur indirectly, as a result of learning not to interfere with natural poise and functioning. Many students report feeling lighter, easier and generally more "up" afterwards.

"I have studied the Alexander Technique with Lauri Elizabeth for six years now, and during that time I have read F.M. Alexander's writings as well as those of noted teachers of the technique. I endorse Lauri's faithful teaching of Alexander’s work without reservation; its value in my own life has been proved a hundred times over. As a result of her lessons I move now with more grace, run with an ease that I had sought for 40+ years, my voice has changed, and even my thinking is significantly more liberated from the prison of the habitual—each of these changes is a blessing for which I am grateful."

-Dr. Bob Quinn, DAOM, L.Ac.

Benefits for everybody:

  • Avoid the mis-use of yourself that leads to discomfort, pain, and injury.
  • "Keep your cool" as you face unexpected circumstances.
  • Gain skills in living in the moment, changing habits, and conscious awareness.
  • Boost your overall health by avoiding habits that interfere with your natural functioning.
  • Expand your ability to give attention to the process rather than focusing only on the goal.
  • Diminish pre-concieved notions and fixed ideas.
  • Cultivate a "readiness" for whatever situation you face today.
  • Find your inner- and outer-calm, balance, and centeredness.

"I just wanted to tell you how the Alexander technique was invaluable during my pregnancy and my labor. My husband read the pregnancy book and coached me through with instructions that really let me relax my body while concentrating only on the contractions and pushing. Who knows why I had such a short labor, I only had to push for half hour, but I think it may have had something to do with how I was able to conserve my energy and really use my body for all it was capable of. I feel great physically and am using my instructions for breast feeding and picking up and carrying the baby.

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me through the pregnancy and giving me such wonderful tools to work with during my labor. I've been spreading the word about Alexander to anyone that asks and will continue to do so. It really is amazing and you have been a great teacher. Thank you."

-Jenn Schuberth, Portland, Oregon

Benefits for performers:

  • dancersGet past the invisible barriers to performing at your highest level.
  • Deal with performance anxiety and fear.
  • Avoid the mis-use of yourself that leads to discomfort, pain, and injury.
  • "Keep your cool" as you face unexpected performance situations.
  • Shed the habits that get in the way of easy, commanding performances.
  • And everything listed under "Benefits for everybody."

Benefits for people with pain:

  • Alleviate discomfort, pain, and injury by avoiding the habits that interfere with natural functioning.
  • Learn to stop reacting to life with too much effort (trying too hard) or too little effort (collapsing, giving in), each of which represents a mis-use of yourself. Find the balance.
  • And everything listed under "Benefits for everybody."